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My name is Jennifer Kytka - call me Jen! 

My work revolves around creating awareness of the interconnection that exists between everyone, expanding potential, improving communication, and fostering co-creation and synergy. My business joy now has multiple pillars that encompass a variety of services to cater to the diverse needs of sensitive creatives.

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Awareness of Interconnection

"If empathy is the great connector, then compassion is the bridge between feeling and action.
The deeper the emotional connection,
the greater the synergy of all beings."

Jennifer Kytka is a systemic coach, mediator and space holder that specializes in communication and conscious connection. Guiding individuals and groups, Jen focuses on the practice of presence and compassion, creating safer and braver spaces in which you can shed your protective layers and truly connect to yourself and others. Through various embodiment tools supporting authenticity and empathy she enables people to access self-acceptance, lightness and joy. 

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