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my story

once upon a time...


I was sure, that once I had achieved it all, a successful promising career, a fit strong body, an exciting relationship, being able to travel to stunning destinations, I will be happy. Eventually when I had it all, I wasn't fulfilled. With constant obstacles in my life, that prevented me from living whole-heartedly, certain inner struggles kept me in survival mood. Where anxiety and societal pressure formed me into a product of ideas, I broke and burnt-out. 

Then I decided ... No, actually that is not true. There was this inner voice screaming out of my heart, that there is more to life than what I thought it was. And I had no other choice than to follow this voice, which is nothing closer to truth that I have ever felt.
However, I let go the common ways of living, quit my job, gave it all away, opened my relationship, exited the rat-race and tried something very new and uncertain...  


I let my inner voice lead the journey into the unknown, bringing me to live magical years in Thailand. During that chapter I had enough distance to zoom out, reflect and consider the bigger picture of life, the meaning of being, and what my heart truly desires: feeling whole, embodying truth, and live with awareness of interconnection. After studying with monks, I arrived home and started co-creating conscious events.

and love within. 

Don't get me wrong, life is still bringing challenges, but the huge difference is,
that it doesn't let me down,
because I know that
I always have a choice
to choose JOY NOW. 

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