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Obstacles are part of life. By transforming them into exciting challenges and recognizing joy in moments

where we are stuck is what helps us getting out of the discomfort and back into the flow. 
But HOW you ask?
Let me tell you, we have been raised and conditioned to become individually independent and strong, believing that we have to make it on our own. We often miss a strong shoulder to lean on, the one we never really had.

Here at JOY NOW it is the job of each sensitive companion to guide you to the core of your needs, to become strong by being vulnerable, getting in touch with your true needs, gaining skills to communicate and foster deep connection - with yourself and others. Here at JOY NOW we close the gap of separation. 

You knew that and still you face problems breaking through?
Of Course you are, because we live in a system, that is not designed for the non-profit success, that you provide on a daily basis. Here at JOY NOW we focus on the individual and collective well-being, that fulfills deeply the emotional needs of human being. 
From an individual personal journey to a collective bonding you can find your fit here at JOY NOW. 
Here you get to practice your vulnerability, authenticity and sovereignty in different settings. 
It is your CHOICE - as is JOY NOW. 

Embodying your individual values, strengths and abilities are the most important pillars on which your personal well-being is based on. Get support in developing a joyous perspective and achieving the results you desire. But more than that, get access to self-acceptance, lightness and joy by truly accepting where you are and unleashing from the struggle you face. 

At 'joy now,' we believe in the power of gentle guidance and nurturing support. Our coaching packages are designed to align with your values and provide you with a gentle approach towards achieving balance, whether it be work-life or personal-relationship balance. We highlight your true needs and work with the resources you already got.

Book a client call with Jen to have all your questions answered, learn more about our pricing options, and see how our services can meet your unique needs.

Services for you as an Individual

Services for the Collective 


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